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Above all, we believe that it is our winner attitude that makes us stay close to success.

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Our Background

Established in 2005 by its founder Luke Comande; KangarooTech has quickly expanded and established a network of long standing customers spread across many business channels which include Medical Channel, 24/7 IT Support, finance, manufacturing, primary production, insurance, restaurants, retail ventures, non-profit organisations, and investment industries.

Our core business is primarily in the IT ramp; telecommunications industry , working with most platform networks ranging from Microsoft , Unix ,Wireless, Mobile GSM 900/1800 platforms ,voice-mail, voice-over ,and satellite services. KangarooTech is able to offer support from testing, installation, commissioning phase and ongoing support through its documented end-to-end process. KangarooTech has partnered with leading technology providers and is an accredited Microsoft agent and “Intel” authorized dealer.

We are proud to say that many of our customers are3 still with us since our initial start up over ten years ago. In the ever changing scenario of information technology, the Company has kept pace with the cutting edge of technology, enabling its customers to benefit from this early adopter stage to state of the art systems. In recent years we have extended our services to include domain hosting, web site design, technical support, wireless communications and equipment supplies, Internet service provider, data recovery, and Remote Backup Services.

We truly are a one stop shop for all your IT needs, as We strongly believe that the impossible is just an obstacle. At KangarooTech, we are propelled by key performance drivers that ensure we deliver nothing but the best solutions for our customers, which is on time, every time! We have the highest degree of Employee Orientation that is backed by 100% top management commitment to education and continuous training.

We believe that Innovation is the key and therefore we constantly encourage our people to get that inspired ‘spark’. It is thus the reason why we allow our employees the space for freedom. With the right communication with customers throughout the life cycle and right documentation, we make customer delight a definite reality and not a distant dream.

Above all, we believe that it is our winner attitude that makes us stay close to success.