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IT Services & Support

Network Security

How safe is your server or business computer from risks? Each day, new types of computer threats show up, waiting for one wrong move to cost you your information and security. We offer top notch antivirus and spyware control and maintenance using top notch security solutions. Viruses, spyware and phishing activities can go undetected in an unsecured system and could wreak havoc to your business or your personal information. Secure your computer and save your important information. Contact us and discover how we can keep your computer safe and secure from possible network compromises.

Network Control

KANGAROO TECH utilises top notch cyber security and network control solutions to address a wide variety of network security issues in diverse environments online. We offer our network control solutions across different customer bases such as leading organisations, and even small start ups. We believe that data is a precious investment and managing your computer security is an equally important investment to ensure the safety not only of your business but also your shareholders. We offer easy to use but highly reliable analytical tools to address network communications as well as activities. Contact us and discover more about our unique network control solutions.


Proven up time with top notch performance are the hallmarks of our server solutions at KANGAROO TECH. We offer versatile and reliable server systems mainly Windows-based servers to ensure that your business is ready to take on the bigger challenge in expanding your presence online. We create our servers using top notch hardware components to ensure that you will not experience any downtime when you start using it for your business or website. A dead server means lost investments and poor sales. Contact us and discover how our servers are different from other companies out there.


Keeping your workflow connected and easily accessible can make work easier, more manageable and less tedious. Less paperwork, more tasks done and data can be managed more effectively. Our networking solutions will get you connected to different departments and organisations pertinent to your business. Talk to us about our Microsoft Exchange solutions and we will provide you the necessary information you need to keep your business well connected to all pertinent entities and companies. Contact us and discover our low cost solutions for networking!


Is your system safe from data loss? Safeguard your system with the help of KANGAROOTECH. Our backup solutions are highly affordable, allowing you to remotely secure your data and ensure that you will not have to worry about data loss ever again. We offer top notch online back up plans fit to the size of your business. We are confident that our backup solutions are ideal in protecting your business as well as your servers from future disasters. Contact our company now for more details about our data backup solutions.


Keeping your internet connection in perfect form is a valuable asset for effective business results. Our Installation services are focused on internet connections. We have a team, of professional technicians covering all bases when it comes to installing your internet. From DSL, satellite, cable or T3 connections, we will make sure that your connections will be most beneficial for your internet usage. Contact us and discover how our technicians can help you in all matters installation. Invest for a perfect internet connection with the help of KANGAROOTECH, ensuring top notch business results.


Cellular broadband connections are already viable options for many enterprise level operations due to the increasing demand for wireless innovations such as smart phones, tablets and other devices. On top of that, the streamlined benefits of wireless connections inside your place of business. KANGAROOTECH offers a unique solution for consumers with its wireless internet solutions we offer unique services and source the most ideal innovations to maximize internet connectivity within your place of business. Contact us and discover how our incredible solutions fit your business. Visit our website and discover our other range of internet solutions to ensure high quality results.

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring the security of both hardware and software components have a very big effect on your business. You reduce problems concerning data loss as well as other common threats to your security both online and offline. Disaster recovery is a unique solution offered by KANGAROOTECH in creating a solid contingency plan for your computer system in an event of disaster or other problems. Effective management of your computer system is an important investment. If you want to know more on how disaster recovery works, please contact us. Protect your system now against possible threats.

Preventative Maintenance

How’s your equipment? A well maintained workstation or computer hardware could mean long lasting results and functionality for your innovation. KANGAROOTECH offers top notch to ensure that your computer is in perfect shape, ensuring top notch results and functionality. Visit our website to find out more about our real time monitoring service. Contact us and discover how you can save money by choosing to keep your hardware and software in perfect condition. Experience real time monitoring for your computer system at a price that will definitely fit your budget!