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Resedential ADSL

What is a Residential Turbo ADSL2+ Account?
A Residential Turbo ADSL2+ account provides the fastest access for a home user or small business (in an area served by ADSL2+) that needs to overcome the limitations of a standard dial-up modem and phone line. Connection speeds for ADSL2+ Internet Service typically range from 256Kbps to 1.544Mbps downstream and 64Kbps to 256Kb/s upstream. In addition, a ADSL2+ line allows for one line to carry both voice and data signals, and for the data part of the line to be continuously connected, so you can talk on your phone line at the same time you’re surfing the Internet.

Who Should Use This Account?
A home user (or family) in a ADSL2+ serviced area that would like faster access than can be seen with a standard (analog) modem and phone line. A home business that needs fast Internet connectivity, but only needs this connectivity for a single computer, and does not need advanced Internet services. Excellent Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team
KangarooTech only employs professional, knowledgeable and friendly technical support staff that are always available to help when you’re having a problem related to your Internet connection. KangarooTech is committed to fast, efficient resolution to any issues by providing business hours year technical support by phone, and by e-mail!

Reliable and Powerful Systems
An account with Veritel provides a solid reliable Internet connection. We are always striving to give you the best service possible by upgrading to the latest standards based technologies. Our redundant backbone connections help you maintain productivity by providing alternate routes of access to the Internet. The only ones who will know there was a problem will be our network engineers.

We believe that Innovation is the key and therefore we constantly encourage our people to get that inspired ‘spark’. It is thus the reason why we allow our employees the space for freedom. With the right communication with customers throughout the life cycle and right documentation, we make customer delight a definite reality and not a distant dream.

Above all, we believe that it is our winner attitude that makes us stay close to success.