Chat with two people at once, with callers able to leave and join at any time.

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Kanga VoIP Phone
Kanga Voip phone allows you to make cheap phone calls through your broadband connection, instead of your phone line (phone lines are so nineties). To make it even better, all your local and standard national calls, mobiles, and popular International calls are included with Kanga Voip phone.

Kanga VoIP Phone features and rates
Our Kanga Voip phone service comes with convenient call features included – plus a selection of enhanced functions free of charge.

Kanga Voip phone features
3-Way Calling – Chat with two people at once, with callers able to leave and join at any time. You can even place one person on hold, allowing you to speak privately with the other.

Call Forwarding Always
Redirect all your calls to another destination. Just specify a forwarding number when you activate. Standard call charges apply.

Reliable and Powerful Systems
Having an account with KangarooTech provides a reliable Internet connection. We are always striving to give you the best service possible by upgrading to the latest standards based technologies. Our redundant backbone connections help you maintain productivity by providing alternate routes of access to the Internet.

Full VPN Support
KangarooTech’s wide network provides access to business to use advanced Virtual Private Network services to link their offices nationwide. KangarooTech provides both network centric MPLS VPNs as well as client based IPSEC VPNs. For a full discussion of the available VPN options from KangarooTech please contact our network team.